In this alternative college comedy, three roommates face the consequences of three bizarre relationships. When Natan meets Sana, a strong-willed Muslim, he must confront his obsession with her dedication to religion in a modern society. Fino is arrested for sexually assaulting Nia, a beautiful classmate who enjoys aggressive role-play sex. Fino must find out whether he misunderstood Nia’s wishes or whether she is deeply manipulative. And Will, happy to learn that his girlfriend shares his appreciation for amateur pornography, is soon overwhelmed by the idea that she has her own puzzling curiosities. The relationships offer a humorous, twisted, and honest look at the complications of the American collegiate experience - one filled with cultural clashes and sexual misadventures.






Kyle Mooney is an actor and comedian originally from San Diego, CA.  After attending USC, he and three friends formed Good Neighbor, a LA-based comedy troupe with an extremely dedicated YouTube following.


When Kyle is not working on his own material with Good Neighbor, he works extensively in television, having guest starred on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Parks and Recreation, Sports Show with Norm Macdonald and Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time.


A very talented improvisational actor, Kyle came of with many of his best lines for this movie on his own, which writer Julian Camillieri really liked because the audience can’t tell the difference anyway and he still gets credit.

Originally from Queens, New York, actor Micky Shiloah makes his feature film debut in The Party Is Over.  After appearing in a music video for Miranda Cosgrove, Micky caught the attention of several high profile casting directors.  Impressive for a debut, Micky brought a sense of innocence to a sexually complicated relationship.


Micky did not have a car at the time of filming and took public transportation to set everyday like he was still in Queens.  While driving to set one day, Julian saw him walking up a super steep hill and picked him up. Micky currently lives in Studio City, CA.

Eddie Perino has proven himself as a working actor despite only living in Los Angeles for short time.   Originally from St. Louis, Eddie studied in the theater department at Penn State.  After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles, where he has worked on television shows such as iCarly and Pretty Little Liars.


One time on set, Eddie asked Julian why he thought that the line in Jurassic Park from the British head security character, “Shoot Her!” had such lasting power in people’s mind, and Julian had no answer.  But, that question stuck with Julian, because he’s always wondered the same thing.


Eddie is also a champion whistler, which he tried to showcase in The Party Is Over, but it was cut out in the editing room because the filmmakers were not trying to make a Mary Poppins movie.

Michelle Page Karynn Moore Tamara Dhia




Michelle enjoyed extensive work as a theater actress in her hometown of Ft. Worth and Dallas, gaining praise for her role as Rebecca Gibbs in “Our Town.”  After moving to Los Angeles, Michelle made her film debut in Miss Congeniality 2: Armed Fabulous and worked in film and television ever since.  Recently, Michelle could be seen in Sensored and starred in Rogue River.  Michelle also studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic

Art in London.

Karynn Moore brought a level of ease and cool to what could be a seen as an unusual character, Noel.  Originally from Colorado, Karynn has worked in Los Angeles as an actress for several years.  After appearing in the cult hit Huge, Karynn appeared in Water for Elephants and the HBO original film Cineme Verite.  Recently, Karynn had a reoccurring role on ABC Family’s Jane By Design.

Tamara Dhia is an Iraqi-American Actress originally from New York City.  After several acclaimed shorts, Tamara is making her feature film debut in The Party Is Over.  Very active in the world of theater and web content, Tamara’s short Shit White Girls Say To Arab Girls received over 1 million views

on YouTube.

Kathy Baker Vic Polizos Brian George




For 30 years, Kathy Baker has been an enduring artistic force, which has kept her a sought-after talent in both television and movies.  In 1992, Kathy found success in television as a lead on David E. Kelly’s Emmy award-winning Picket Fences.  As Dr. Jill Brock, Kathy won three Emmy Awards, one Golden Globe and one Screen Actor’s Guild award.


Since the end of Picket Fences, Kathy has continued to be one of the hardest working actors in the industry, rewarding her talent and professionalism with a career that thrives more and more every year.  Kathy has appeared on television with reoccurring guest arcs on Boston Public, Nip/Tuck, Medium, Saving Grace and Door to Door for which she received an Emmy nomination.  Some of Kathy’s most acclaimed work has been in films such as the Academy Award-winning films Cider House Rules and Cold Mountain, in addition to fan favorites 13 going on 30, Nine Lives, and the Jesse Stone television movie series.


Recently, Kathy could be seen in Cannes Critic’s Week Grand Prix winner Take Shelter with Michael Shannon.  In addition to bringing her talent as an actor, The Party Is Over is Kathy’s producing debut.

Vic Polizos has worked in television and film for over 30 years.  Known for his roles in Prizzi’s Honor and Harlem nights, Vic has worked on many television shows over the years such as Married With Children, Seinfeld, Roseanne, The X-Files, Desperate Housewives and Modern Family.  He had reoccurring roles on Who’s The Boss, Party of Five and Boston Legal.

When Brian was a year old, the family immigrated to London. Brian attended an all-boys school in London. In 1966, the family moved to Toronto and he attended public high school, followed by the University of Toronto, where he became involved in theater. George left before graduation and formed an unsuccessful theater group.


He joined The Second City, where he trained with comedy greats including John Candy, among others. His career in acting and voice-over work has flourished ever since.

Eddie Perino Micky Shiloah Kyle Mooney cast


“Best Narrative Feature” and “Best Director” at the

Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival.

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Julian Camillieri


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